Grocery delivery app development: Key features and its cost


With the rapid evolution of mobile technology, on-demand grocery ordering and delivery apps have become an indispensable factor in making the grocery delivery process easier. Well, you might be a business person or a startup, and thinking about the cost and development of an on-demand grocery app.

No worries! By the time you are done reading this blog, you will get to know the cost of developing a grocery delivery app.

Types of Grocery Shopping apps

In general, you would come across three types of grocery apps that are prevalent among customers.

E-commerce grocery apps

E-commerce apps offer the widest range of grocery items in various user locations. They allow customers to choose a suitable delivery time according to their convenience. Also you can have a look and know how to start a grocery delivery business with readymade app solutions here.

Personalized grocery apps

As the name suggests, these apps are specially developed for shoppers. It helps them to plan their grocery shopping in an effective manner. Moreover, it helps to simplify the shopping process and enhances the user experience of the consumers.

In-store grocery apps

They combine the functionalities of both personalized and e-commerce grocery apps with push notifications. As the sales of online grocery are moving up several supermarkets have started offering groceries through an app.

Grocery Ordering App features - Customer

Live Tracking

With live delivery tracking, the customer can track the live delivery of an order. This helps the customers know their order status and approximated time of the delivery.

Single page checkout

It helps the user to place an order within a few easy steps. The simplified checkout process reduces shopping cart abandonment and increased conversion rates.

Pre Order / Delivery scheduling

This feature lets the customer pre-order their preferred items and easily schedule the delivery for the ease of purchasing. 

Push notification

Customized push notifications to let the customers update with each order and updates about offers and discounts.

Payment Options

The payment preference includes Cash on delivery (COD), Razor stripe and Paypal to make customers feel the ease of getting payments done in a quick manner.

Rate & Review

The option rate and review play a vital role in building trust among customers. With this feature, the users can give ratings and reviews out of their wish.

Grocery Delivery App features - Driver / Agent

New order notifications

New order notifications to let the person know the real-time orders received and to keep up with the delivery time.

Accept / Reject delivery request

This helps the delivery boy accept/ reject a delivery request in specific situations. 


This feature lets the customer know the location of the delivery boy and the order status with ease.

Route Optimization

With route optimization, the delivery boy can find the best route suggestions to make multiple deliveries easier.

Timing Slot

This allows the delivery boy to deliver orders based on particular slot timings.

One-Click Call To Customers

This will help the delivery boy to contact the customer immediately within a single click of a button.

Order Fulfilment Status

This option allows the delivery boy to get the status from the customer after the successful dispatch of orders.

Features of Admin Panel 


Help admin manage orders received from the customers and make his services quick by managing products, transaction delivery and much more on the go.


The sub-admin option enables the admin to add and assign other persons to manage the website. So that the assigned individuals will be managing each section with the given access rights. 

Category Management

Allows the admin to define multiple categories, the grocery store listings will appear based on these categories. The customers can filter the items based on the categories.

Store management

With store management feature the admin can manage the grocery stores easily. The store can be added only after adding the store owner details.

Product Management

The admin can manage products, transactions, delivery and moreover monitor every order from the users and store owners.

Cloud image storage

Cloud image storage such as AWS and S3 buckets to get more load speed for the application rather than storing images on the server. 

Commission management

To vendor based commissions and common commissions for all stores, owners can be managed and monitored through this feature.

Consolidated report

Detailed data and insights in the form of consolidated reports to let the admin know the statistics and status of each order made.

Features of store owner/vendor app


It allows the store owner to monitor and manage the store operations like transaction management, order management, delivery management and so on.

Order management

Through the order management option, the owners can manage the orders from the users easily. They can also cancel the order if needed.

Stock/inventory management

This helps the vendor to easily update the stock inventory for each product. He can monitor the currently available stocks and update them.

Product bulk upload

By importing bulk data options, product bulk uploads can be done to make it easier for store owners to upload their product listings for stores.

Sponsored / Featured store option

This feature lets the store owners make their store as featured for more visibility and profit. For this, the store owner has to pay the admin to get their store featured.

Push notification for new orders

This feature lets you know the timely notification whenever a new order is received. This will help you to know all the orders without missing any of them.

Technology Involved

SMS Gateway - Twilio

Tracking and route cause - MQTT protocol Implementation

Push notifications - Google firebase for Android, and Apple push for iOS phones.

Payments - PayPal, Stripe, EWallets

Database - MySQL 5.5

Map implementation - OpenStreetMap API

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How much does it cost to develop a grocery delivery mobile app?

Generally, the cost will depend purely upon factors like platform, features, development team, location and pricing model. However, the complete grocery delivery app development would cost you around $10k- $25k. The U.S based developers cost between $150-$250 per hour. Eastern Europe developers charge $100- $150 per hour. India based developers charge $30- $50 per hour.

Required Team structure

project manager - 1

Android developers 1-2

iOS developers  1-2

UI/UX designers 1-2

QA specialists - 2

backend developer - 1

Over to you

It is no secret that the cost of the grocery app development varies depending on the development company you choose or geographical location. Find our pricing page to develop a highly attractive grocery app at a reasonable price to grow your business rapidly.