How to make an Instant Grocery Delivery Apps - 30 minutes or under!


The advent of new technological apps has had a great influence on our day-to-day life over these years. People all over the globe became more dependent on internet sources for their daily needs. They started relying on online platforms from kitchen accessories to toiletry kits. The concept of easy door deliveries and convenient ordering through mobile created a track for the online platforms to bloom.

While people are leading busy lives, they don't find time, have patience or feel lazy to wait in the counters and purchase the essential groceries from the nearest retail shops. Online grocery delivery applications have made it simpler for the users to place orders just in a click.

Why do we need instant grocery delivery mobile apps?

In today's world, more and more grocery apps are evolving gradually in the market. Though adoption of mobile platforms is already in use , the rise of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of the e-commerce industry at peak rates.

The online platform has acquired more customers during this pandemic. As people had to follow strict safety measures imposed by the government, it was difficult to avail the fundamental requisites from the surrounding stores. Public began to approach online stores which provided contactless delivery services as an added advantage. This was a major rescue for the masses in the course of such outbreaks.

Most of the popular grocery applications stick to a tagline 'faster delivery less than 30 minutes'. This enables the business owners to gain more orders in a shorter span of time. Launching an instant grocery delivery app is highly profitable for the budding entrepreneurs. It is definitely a wise choice a business person can make to grow successful in the competitive world.

Grocery delivery apps - A boon for shopkeepers

Though supermarkets and departmental stores have widely opened their doors for customers, who would miss out when a store offers you all required groceries at your door front and provide multiple payment options for ease and faster on-time delivery under 30 minutes.

Constructing an online platform for grocery stores helps to build relationships with customers in the long run. The retail stores can develop customer loyalty through interaction and create brand recognition among users. Therefore store owners show so much curiosity in expanding their business through online delivery apps.

Create your own online grocery solution

In the present scenario, setting up a full-fledged online store with a proper website and user enabled mobile applications is a challenging task. A readymade software script with strong features serves better for the grocery stores to perform streamlined deliveries and monitor the operations seamlessly.

Shopurgrocery is an automated solution to develop your own grocery delivery app. Having your own system can help in order management and maintain the workflow without any interruption. Tracking the inventories is made possible with grocery delivery software. The grocery vendors can take control of overall business activities under the same platform.

An ideal grocery application comprises four panels for stores, customers, delivery personnel and admin. All the panels work separately but connect with each other for effective functioning of the app. The store manager can access their respective panel and administer the functionalities such as product and cost management, order notifications, offers and discounts, real-time payment tracking, customer order updates, etc.


Launch a customized grocery delivery application using Shopurgrocery. These online apps are a lifeline for many startups and small-scale businesses to thrive in the marketplace. An instant delivery platform that delivers its products to the customers in 30 minutes or under can be achieved perfectly with our software suite.