Scope of Online Grocery Delivery Services at different geographical locations


Online grocery is one of the fastest growing sectors of business since the pandemic. Due to its strong demand for everyday living, entrepreneurs prefer to choose grocery delivery for their major source of income.

In the last few years, the growth of online grocery has been hiking rapidly and retailers think grocery to be the most profitable business choices. During the crisis, grocery sales were incessant while other businesses were bankrupted and halted.

An overall analysis of grocery shopping among various countries

Grocery in United States

The people in the U.S. are regular consumers of online grocery and make their daily household purchases from grocery shopping apps. With several advancements in the competitive e-commerce sector, online grocery retail has boomed thoroughly around the world.

As per current statista, the total revenue of grocery retail has exceeded 38 billion dollars in the year 2022, and by 2025 it is expected to cross 47 billion dollars. Almost half of the population in the United States are online grocery shoppers and this is likely to increase in the future.

Grocery in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Online grocery shopping is a better choice for grocery shoppers in buying day-to-day essentials. From the period of internet evolution, people here are accustomed to online shopping habits. After the pandemic, the tendency towards purchasing daily needs through the internet became quite normal there.

According to statistics, online grocery sales in the UK accounted for 25 billion pounds in 2021 and is estimated to raise up to 30 billion pounds by 2025.

It has been observed that the rate of grocery shoppers has increased thrice in the last few years. The online grocery sales have abruptly geared up since the outbreak. From then onwards, the online grocery market is highly stable and grocers are operating their business as a quick-to-buy channel for shoppers at their convenience.

Grocery in Canada

Retail grocery market in Canada has been hiking in the past few years. The growth is steadily surging, reaching up to nine billion dollars in 2022. The number of grocery shoppers has increased from 13% to nearly 49% over a period of pandemic.

A recent research in Canada shows that one-third of the shoppers are willing to go for click-and-buy groceries. Among this, most of the consumers prefer the deliver-to-home grocery option. As Canadians invest one third of their budget in online grocery, expanding the grocery e-commerce can be absolutely profitable for retailers.

Grocery in Germany

In Germany, though physical grocery stores are constantly functioning, people over there turn to virtual groceries. Since 2020, the grocery sales shoot up online mainly due to the stay-at-home effect. In contrast to 2019, the grocery market revenue soared to 19% and outreached 74 billion US dollars in 2020.

In 2018, the revenue generated from grocery sales was 1.3 billion US dollars. As shoppers are inclined towards online grocery shopping due to the convenience, the sales will almost triple 3.8 billion US dollars by 2023. For the whole German online grocery market to be thriving, retailers have to put large investments in warehouse, planning & management and delivery networks.

Grocery in UAE

Before COVID-19, the total annual sales value of groceries reached 1.12 billion US dollars. The revenue surpassed the expected growth rate after the pandemic. By 2023, the grocery delivery sector in UAE is anticipated to reach 686.20 million US dollars.

A recent analysis report says that the value of the online grocery market is projected to be 3.8 billion AED by 2025. Over the years, service providers will adopt new delivery models and start-of-the-art techniques that stimulate growth in the future.

The bottom line

Online grocery delivery is the best ever promising market irrespective of the geographies considered. If you are planning to launch a grocery marketplace, buy ready-made grocery solutions with easy mobile apps and tailor-made web portals that instantly connect vendors and consumers. This is the best time to start your grocery delivery business by connecting with the best experts.