Why users prefer online grocery apps over grocery stores?

online grocery apps

As people became more comfortable with online grocery shopping more grocery stores realized that having an app can boost business. Besides the overall rise in grocery shopping in recent years, there are other reasons why people opt for online mobile shopping. This article will shed light on the changing trend of the grocery marketplace and how businesses can choose the right solution.


The biggest reason for choosing grocery apps is the convenience that it provides to the users. The users don't need to go and wait in a queue of the grocery store. They can order anything from their smartphones and it will be delivered to their doorsteps in a very short time.

Time saver

If you are having a busy day then going to a grocery store becomes a frustrating task. Because it could waste your entire time, as it requires you to travel to the grocery store, check out things, pick up things and then travel back to your place.

With a grocery application, you can do your grocery shopping by just being at whatever place you are. In a just few minutes you can place the grocery order and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

Money saver

Apart from saving time and energy, it also saves your money. For two reasons:

Firstly, they save all your travel expenses and secondly, they offer you with offers and loyalty points.

Shoppings for others made easy

The advantage of a grocery app is that it allows shopping not only for you but also for others. You can help others who face trouble in shopping at the grocery store which is set apart. All you must do is choose the preferred groceries, enter the location address and the items will be delivered at the place.

Avoids impulsive buying

The grocery delivery app is always beneficial for all shoppers. As the grocery store is always filled with tempting products that we find hard to resist. Generally, we end up buying extra products out of the planned list. This can be solved if you make a purchase with a virtual grocery store. In virtual stores, you can rightly choose the planned items and thus save the cost for the things which you never intended to buy in the first place.

Types of grocery apps in the marketplace

If you are coming up with a grocery delivery app, you have many options. Some of the most common apps belong to the following categories:


Aggregators list the grocery stores to a user. The user can choose one of the grocery stores listed on the app. From the online menu, he can add whatever he wants in any quality to the cart. He checks out of the cart, makes payment with various available various payment option and waits for the store to confirm the order. Once the order gets confirmed, he can track the order in real-time until it reaches the preferred location. The liability to deliver the order lies with the store owner. The aggregator merely lists the store and its menu on the platform.


The marketplace grocery store is quite similar to a grocery store aggregation platform except the marketplace has its own team of delivering the ordered grocery to specific customers with the help of a grocery delivery solution.

Single stores

In a single app, the store owner can have his own branded app and looks after everything from maintaining the app and keeping an updated online menu to deliver the order to a customer and collect orders.

Personalized Grocery apps

As the name suggests, the app is developed for satisfying shoppers' needs. This can enhance the user experience of the user's grocery shopping and helps them to make instant purchases. The purpose of an app is it can simplify the work process and gives more easiness for other functionalities.

Choose which is the best for you

The grocery store owners have gradually understood the importance of a grocery app after the success of many other apps. Moreover, the grocery store had to adapt with time. The traditional way is never going to work when there is high digital and technological influence over the major industries. So, if you own a grocery store and looking to expand your business in a quick time then, building an on-demand app is the way to go. Head to Shopurgrocery to get aided with the right solution for your business needs.

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