Coronavirus outbreak heats-up online grocery shopping


The Corona outbreak has really brought the world to a standstill. We are staying at our homes due to the strict curfew issued by government bodies around the world. People are in a spree to stock their groceries because of the uncertain situation.

The retail industry is seeing a surge in groceries and food items as customers stock up the essentials due to this outbreak. At this time online grocery delivery business is on a paramount rise and is indicating an 80% to 100% growth.

High demand across the world

As more customers try to avoid interaction with the public. People due to the fear of this uncertain time are stocking up household and food items including rice, flour, and pulses. Materials like sanitizers are also in high demand.

But due to the strict curfew declared by the government bodies and also as a measure of social distancing to increase our safety quotient, direct visits to groceries is a thing of utmost difficulty. Thereby more people are relying on online grocery delivery apps so that they are not at the risk of running out of commodities and don't have the headache to go and stand in long queues. There are few popular online grocery delivery companies like Instacart has announced an option to "Leave at my door delivery" option to avoid human interactions at store visit.

Giants like Big Basket experienced a growth of 20% in their business. The orders are so burgeoning that the estimated delivery time has gone to 3-4 days from the earlier 2-3 hours.

It provides the best solution in such a testing time!

There is no doubt as to the respite provided by online grocery delivery apps to people around the world in these difficult times. Customers around the world can order their groceries and essentials by not going to store directly thus adding to their safety measures. They can also support the government in the most ideal way by staying at home and ordering their necessary items online.

The scenario is the same around the world

As Coronavirus is a global issue, the hike in the download of online grocery delivery apps is increasing not only in India but also in countries around the world. Reportedly online businesses are seeing lots of new customers coming.

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According to a survey in USA companies like Walmart, Instacart and Shipt have had an increase in users from 20k to more than 50k, 10k to more than 30k and 0 to 5000 respectively. This data clearly indicates how online grocery delivery has helped people at this time of crisis.

Panic buying and flourish of online shopping

People are definitely panicking and the shopping model is definitely reflecting that but the different online grocery delivery apps have definitely helped people to stay home and stay safe at this time and help contain the spread of CoronaVirus to a large extent. Let us hope that the spread is contained and life gets back to normal very soon.