Key features of online grocery delivery software


Are you someone who wants to start an online grocery delivery software or someone who already has an offline grocery store or who wants to go online? In either case, it's of paramount importance to have a website when you go online business. Having a fully-fledged website is essential to gain customer attention and converting website visitors into regular customers. Since there is no direct contact when it comes to online business, the website's role is important. Websites should be attractive and have user-friendly features.

Let's look at some key features to be included in online grocery delivery software.

  • The Front End
  • Page Banner
  • Login Features
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Easy Navigation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Order Tracking
  • Integrity and Information Security
  • Have loyalty programs and coupons
  • Enhanced search
  • Recommendation
  • Save for later feature
Key features of online grocery delivery software

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The front end

The Front end is the homepage that a user sees once they have landed on your website even before they log in to your website. An attractive front end is very important to retain the end-user in your website

Page banner

The page banner always gives the user an idea about your business and website. This is the place where all the interaction takes place between the user and your business. Once the user is convinced by your page banner, he will proceed further to look at what is on your website.

Login features

Login should be always simple for the user and the vendors. Having a complicated login will frustrate the user which will make them leave the website without buying anything from your website. Try to include direct social media logins for easy login. This will help with the easy log.

Cart and checkout

No need to mention about the essence of these two pages. The page to move from cart to checkout page should be very simple, quick and convenient. Any lag here will increase the cart abandonment and so less number of orders leading to low profits. Make sure to have flowing pages of these two. Get software that has a good grocery shopping cart script.

Easy navigation

Be careful in building pages that are not like a maze for the users to navigate. Navigating from one point to another should be like eating a piece of cake.

Multiple payment options

Not all users will be using the same payment methods. Whether or not you are targeting a large audience, it's mandatory to give users multiple payments options like wallet payment, credit card, debit card, net banking,

Order tracking

Once the order is placed, keep informing users about important order status and tracking. Users like to know updates about their order status.

Integrity and information security

This is where you show the users their trust in sharing sensitive information like payment details, address, etc. Above any other policy, integrity, and security of information should be given the importance

Have loyalty programs and coupons

Most users will show interest in the coupons and loyalty programs. If you're a grocery business owner opting to develop your software, then ensure to add these features to help users. Most businesses have real time coupon hunting features via games and contests, you can also try that.

Enhanced search

As grocery stores have thousands of products it becomes challenging for users to search and find items. By providing enhanced search features, users can get a quick list of items and this helps them to add products to the shopping list easily.


The recommendation feature is also very useful in-order to improve your user experience across apps. For instance, recommendation features can store customers' previous shopping data and suggest relevant products while shopping.

Save for later feature

If the user finds a product that is really interesting but wants to save it for later purchases. In this scenario, if you don't have the right feature then you're probably missing out sales. Never ignore this feature in your grocery delivery software and keep reminding your customers with the right products that interest them.


There are several other features that add value to your websites. But the above-mentioned features are the must-have features of a grocery delivery website. If you are looking for a grocery clone script, contact us and our professionals will help you further. Talk to us for a free demo.