Rising trends: on-demand grocery software


The grocery industry covers almost 60% of the total Indian retail market value. Recent studies say that online grocery sales in 2019 were about 22 billion, and it is expected to reach 29.7 billion at the end of 2021.

The grocery industry covers almost 60% share of the total Indian retail market value. The recent studies say that at the end of 2019 the Indian online grocery market will reach 2.7 billion posts just because of the increasing demand for grocery delivery software.

All you have to do is choose your favorite store, add products to the shopping cart. Choose your payment method to complete the shopping. After some time you will receive your items, by the delivery boy.

  • Also, online grocery sales were US $6 billion and it doubled in just four years.
  • As per a business insider, 10% of US consumers do grocery shopping online daily.
  • Based on OneSpace's data, on an average people spend about $40 for every online grocery shopping.
Rising trends: on-demand grocery software

Shopurgrocery - grocery delivery software, helps you to set up an online grocery eCommerce platform like Bigbasket, Insta cart, Grofers, etc. The users can search and shop their products within a very few clicks. We offer a user-friendly grocery delivery script which allows starting an online grocery delivery website with the best user experience.

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Based on your location, you can choose your desired local stores or supermarkets. Simply choose the items from multiple stores and add it to your cart. Finalize your payment method and receive your shopping items at your doorsteps.

Handiness and ease of use are the two prime features of our grocery delivery software. End-to-end cross-device compatibility and user experience makes our grocery shopping cart script as the best solution. Customizable platform, white-label software, 100% source code, free installation, free technical support, are the major features of our grocery software.

Weighing Your Options: How to decide which trend suits your business?

Not every trend is worth your time, so how to find which suits your business efficiently? While some brands invest huge amounts, others target a particular audience to maintain their ROI. 

Knowing what trends are ideal for your business is worth all your efforts. Know your own customers, and competitors to evaluate industry trends.

1. Keep track of industry influencers

Follow blogs and news related to your industry so you can stay up to date on the latest trends. Find your industry's influencers and publications specifically, and then shift towards other markets to plan the whole picture.

2. Make use of digital tools 

Use customer data to evaluate the latest trends and pick the right one for you. Many trends that work for others might not do the same for you. Consider utilizing more data tools and customer trends to see the overall trends in your industry.

3. Absorb latest industry reports

Every industry keeps changing with time. You can trust data via reports and regularly stay aware of what's happening in your industry. Ensure to sense what trends are gaining its importance and worth the effort.

4. Analyze your competitors

Take a look and observe your competitors. Did they follow any specific trend? If so, you can include that particular strategy for your business. But don't just follow whatever your competitors do, but measure a trend and implement if it suits your business goal.

5. Collect feedback from customers

Getting feedback from your current customers will give insight to the latest trends. This helps you to create more specific strategies to improve your business. You never know what it's worth, until you find a customer who suggests an idea you haven't thought of yet.

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