Gogaruda - B2B application

This case study elucidates the customizations done on Mr. Nasir’s ‘Gogaruda’ a B2B application like Bigbasket. Gogaruda is an emerging startup based in Bangalore, India, which was started with an intention to satisfy the grocery needs of customers with reliable services. They wanted to make minor and major customizations to the existing application for increasing the user experience and easy application management for users.

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Matching up with the market standards, POFI lifts up the service and brand reputation with a feature enriched solution like ‘Shopurgrocery’. We enriched the grocery application for shopurgrocery with all features that are essential to run their business successfully.

Gogaruda - B2B application


Their key objectives were to make customizations in ‘Gogaruda’ application such as:


First, we initiated the process of customizing the above-listed features. The existing application doesn’t have a voice search option. The users should type the specific item on the search bar to find products. To ease this process, we added the voice search option which made users make product searches within a second of time. Next we added Epaylater with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to avail the process of buy now and pay later. As it is a retailer application, the multiple-choice option is the kind of MOQ (minimum order quantity) used. As per the client’s specifications, the tracking has been fixed to single tracking.


Shopurgrocery helped the grocery business to show a big growth within a very short span of time. The number of customers keeps growing every day. They have attained a profit that nay grocery startups cannot attain within this short time. With our grocery platform, Gogaruda is growing at a faster pace catering to various customer needs. Shopurgrocery will stand by them to support any technical assistance and help them to achieve greater heights.

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