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Active Shop

This is a case study that elucidates the workflow of Mr. Hammed’s customizations on the multi-vendor grocery ordering portal. They require a vendor application with good customer experience and easy delivery management for groceries.

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They wanted to stay ahead of their competitors with a perfect solution like ‘Shopurgrocery’ (a perfect solution for grocery with an amazing online portal and mobile app which is interactive enough to satisfy the customers) for that, they approached Shopurgrocery with the below customizations. This application is built on PHP Web framework laravel which is very popular and efficient to build an application.

Active Shop


With a focus to establish an on-demand multi-vendor grocery portal, customizations were done in the Active shop application such as Payment gateway: Razor payment gateway, Wallet(for customer, vendor and deliver boy), coupon code, item-sub category based commission or vendor based commission, AWS s3 Amazon bucket system, email notification, push notification, SMS Gateway MSG91.


As per the client's specifications, Shopurgrocery introduced customizations with standout features to the solutions. First Shopurgrocery initiated making enhancements apart from our existing features. In the existing application, a stripe payment gateway is used for web and apps. A new payment gateway (Razor or ICICI) got added to the customer checkout page. Another customization was added to the customer wallet. Options such as vendor wallet and delivery boy wallet were added.

In coupon code, changes were added to item based coupon and user-based coupon. Commission setting is available in the existing application, the options for admin to add commission % for each item subcategory and vendor commission percentage got added. AWS S3 bucket system got implemented for viewing and uploading images in the front panel. All the images will be processed from aws cloud using the s3 bucket system which is secure object storage. According to the client’s needs, inactive shop application, a notification will be managed for all order stages in the web and apps. And also apart from the Twilio gateway, Msg91got integrated for SMS sending.


Catering to their key specifications we helped them to give out a solution for their online grocery delivery business which attained a quick transformation. With a solution like ‘ shopurgrocery’. Active shop provided a delivery platform that increases the customer experience in a good way and encourages the vendor business by having its own unique features. This has greatly helped their business attain a good reputation and increase customer engagement.

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