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Roots & seeds-Healthy organic shop Application is a platform that connects users to the largest selection of grocery store in the region to order online and pay either by cash or card. Roots & seeds-Healthy organic shop Application operates an online grocery product service. Customers can select their groceries product orders through the company's mobile app or website.

Roots & seeds-Healthy organic shop Application allows the customer to make a grocery item order in a single platform. This system allows the customer to purchase in one-page checkout for the user portability. This system has allowed an agent to refer the customer. If the customer referred by some agent then the agent will get some commission for each order that purchases by the referee customer. For these kinds of delivery a delivery charge will be taken from the customers. Admin can offer free delivery or pay to deliver to the customer.

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Agent Module

Agents are helpful to bring the customer for the Roots & seeds-Healthy organic shop Application. Agents are the referee and he will refer the customer who can able to member/customer for this application. The agent will bring the customer and he will get the commission for that referral. The agent will get the commission only the referral customer has purchased. The agent will be added by admin alone and he cannot able to sign up voluntarily. While adding agent admin will set the commission and the Agent number.

In the invoice page “print” option must be there for admin. Admin can able to print the invoice in by just clicking the button.

Quick checkout and the payment gateway should be included in the mobile application also.

Paytabs and Payumoney are the payment gateways we included in this application


Developing and maintaining an agent panel. Bulk delete and edit option is available to manage the agent

We develop “Quick Order” feature in this application, the customer can able to view all the product in a single check out.


We deliver “Roots & seeds-Healthy organic shop Application” an online ordering system for grocery delivery or takeout from a local store through a web application or mobile application.

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